How To Prevent Makeup From Creasing? Easy Guide To Comprehend!

Do you also desire to look gorgeous with perfectly blended makeup? Well, everyone likes it but attaining the perfectly blended makeup as it is a daunting task to do. Somehow everyone messes with their makeup, and makeup gets creased, resulting in making you look horrible.

We are here suggesting ways to prevent makeup creasing and allowing you to make it look better. If you, too, are dealing with the same issue of makeup, then consider giving a thought to points highlighted below.

Prevent makeup from creasing!

Practicing makeup is easier, but looking pro in it is difficult. Cakey makeup is a result of those little mistakes that you make while doing your makeup; however, you need to find them on your own we are suggesting tips to get rid of it.

wipe off extra foundation

  1. Use setting spray

Making your makeup sit for longer hours without being creased is difficult but not impossible. Setting spray or mist is provided with an amazing formula for preventing makeup from becoming cakey. You can get one of your choice that is suitable for your skin type.

  1. Prep skin well before makeup

People make the prevalent mistake that is not prepping your skin before makeup. Prepping your skin would help in makeup stick longer to your face, and to do so, you need to cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin well. Prepping your skin not only protects your skin but also gives a smooth skin surface where it becomes easier for makeup to stick.

  1. Wipe off extra foundation

It is better to wipe off extra foundation from your skin that leads to a cakey look. Instead of blending extra foundation in your skin, choose to wipe it off with a paper tissue for removing excess of foundation.

These are tips that can surely come in handy for you in stopping the makeup from creasing and stay as it is for hours.


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