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The Social Life of Artistic Property

About the Contributors

Pablo Helguera is an artist working with installation, sculpture, photography, drawing, socially engaged art and performance. Helguera’s work focuses on a variety of topics including history, pedagogy, sociolinguistics, ethnography, memory and the absurd, in formats that are widely varied including the lecture, museum display strategies, musical performances and written fiction.

Michael Mandiberg is an interdisciplinary artist, scholar and educator whose work explores diverse subjects, including environmentalism, systems of exchange, pedagogy, software art, collaboration, Free Culture and appropriation. He is the co-author of Digital Foundations and editor of The Social Media Reader. He is an Associate Professor at CUNY and Director of the New York Arts Practicum.

William Powhida is an artist-critic-collaborator, writer and emerging activist in New York responsible or partly responsible for exhibitions including Overculture at Postmasters Gallery, Bill by Bill at Charlie James Gallery, POWHIDA at Marlborough Gallery, and #class at Winkleman Gallery. He is an infrequent contributor to ArtFCity and Hyperallergic on issues of artistic activism.

Amy Whitaker is an artist-teacher-writer at the intersection of business, art and everyday life. She has an MBA from Yale in economics and an MFA from the Slade in oil painting. She is on faculty at the Sotheby's Institute and SVA, and has also taught at RISD, LMCC, Trade School and Occupy Wall Street. She is the author of Museum Legs and is at work on a book about art thinking.

Caroline Woolard graduated from the only tuition-free art school in the country with a strong commitment to the solidarity economy movement and to conceptual art. After co-founding and co-directing resource sharing networks OurGoods.org and TradeSchool.coop for five years, Woolard is focused on New York City To Be Determined and BFAMFAPhD.com to create and support truly affordable, community land trusts for cultural resilience in New York City.

Editorial Assitance: Jonathan Kiritharian

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